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  Makes the Chinese commercial aviation express international brand diligently

Recently by China Enterprise culture sponsor and so on Construction Promotion agency, China Industrial design Association, market newspaper, Chinese quality and brand magazine company second Chinese ten big influence brand evaluation, on January 19, 2006 published the results in the Great Hall of the People. The commercial aviation express obtains this big prize, has the honor to receive “the Chinese ten big influence brands”. Wins this great honor also to have the Aerospace China, the Chinese life insurance, the Shengli Oilfield and so on.
  Second session of ten big influence brand evaluation is nominates according to the public and the profession public figure, through the New China net, the Sohu net, the Chinese quality and the brand network, the sunlight 315 nets, China disappears business network and so on many authoritative websites carries on to the being accepted enterprise and the brand announces and carries on the referendum. When referendum through to brand (product) the quality, the service, the prestige, the social image, the popularity (fine reputation, loyalty), to business economic benefit's drawing, to the profession the influence, to common people's life influence, and so on 10 targets carry on grading to our country economy's influence, the basis “the public voting, the enterprise comment, the appraisal committee verifies tripartite grading to obtain the final output mutually”. The commercial aviation express this time could 夠 the election be depending on the enterprise these years's brand strategy implementation, the enterprise innovation, proceeds steadily the result which and so on various aspects obtained not to be able to separate. Manifests the commercial aviation express in the consumer heart (user) the influence, reflects the enterprise true strength really.
  The brand is the market competition product, is the business management level, the product quality, the enterprise culture and the marketing plan and so on overall quality comprehensive manifestation, is also the enterprise has the full of vigor and vitality symbol. The commercial aviation express Limited liability company was established since 1996, on the station in the high beginning, take has promoted the national logistics as own duty, studies and profits from the overseas large-scale physical distribution, the express Specialized company's experience modestly, adores the making effectiveness high-quality goods, provides satisfaction for the customer even to surpass the customer expectation the effectiveness and the grade of service, implements the brand strategy comprehensively, through develops, the consummation unceasingly, went out a foundation well-known brand path gradually. In recent years the commercial aviation express obtained each kind of great honor many times, 2004, 2005 two years obtained continuously by the world brand laboratory evaluation “China 500 most have the value brand”, the other day in Hong Kong at the world operator congress which by the world brand laboratory, the world manager, the world operator, the Mondale magazine Chinese version conducted, the commercial aviation express won “the Chinese brand year big prize (NO.1)”.
  The brand is the cultural carrier, the culture is the congealment in the brand enterprise essence, and seeps to the brand management entire process. This is because the brand spiritual strength is a culture, is the spirit of enterprise, the management idea, ethics morals, the behavior standards, community style external manifestation, is take the spirit of enterprise, the management idea as the core unique thinking mode, the behavior way and the enterprise image. The brand is the enterprise culture conformity and the centralism manifests, a brand's forming process, is an enterprise's developing process, simultaneously is also an enterprise's cultural connotation.
  Any brand contains the enterprise to entrust with it the profound connotation. The commercial aviation express brand's connotation, is highly effective, quick, the good faith. Since the 1990s, our country logistics has presented the fast development good tendency, but overall, at present Our country Physical distribution Enterprise is also at the primary development phase, in the spatial efficiency, the time efficiency with are served in enterprise's request also to exist certain disparity. But the commercial aviation express in the time efficiency, the spatial efficiency has the big superiority, therefore, commercial aviation express beginning was established, the implementation brand strategy, the strengthened specialized effectiveness brand, at the end of 1996, officially has promoted 12, 24, 36, 48 hour four time section gate to the society to the gate service effectiveness product. In order to meet the different customer need, at the right moment carries on the product innovation, the company according to several year operation experience, promoted 8 hour time limit in 2002 to the society the gate to the gate service effectiveness product, the company effectiveness product consummates unceasingly. During mold commercial aviation express specialized effectiveness brand's, pays great attention to mold the brand culture, through effectiveness brand this medium, to general customer propaganda commercial aviation express management idea, effectiveness product idea and service idea. The company has formulated the CIS vision vivid system, had determined “high standard, the strict request, discusses the benefit, on the level” the work policy and “the unity, advances boldly, the service, the benefit” spirit of enterprise. Simultaneously highlights the brand individuality, the enhancement brand core value, has entrusted with the commercial aviation express brand high perceptual connotation, proposed “commercial aviation express, effectiveness first, customer supreme, honest code of honor” the management idea, and pledged publicly to the society: The overtime delivery, returns the transport expense. This action, at that time was still the origination, domestic did not have physical distribution, the express company to dare this. The commercial aviation express service pursue is lets them for the customer operation goods feel that felt relieved, is free from worry. HP Corporation once in had not informed in the commercial aviation express situation, operates through a Consultant firm to several express companies carries on the test, the test result, the commercial aviation express in the service, sends and aspect result on time and so on information feedback is best, the punctual delivery and the information feedback rate reach 97%. At present, the use commercial aviation express service's customer are getting more and more, the big customer has covered the electron, the communication, the machine manufacture, the cosmetics, the spinning and weaving, chemistry, the drugs manufacture, the finance and so on high added value product profession. Because the commercial aviation express in the time efficiency, the spatial efficiency, the service quality is able to discriminate with other physical distributions, the express company, through several year operation, “the commercial aviation express brand” had the good influence in the society, the popularity, the fine reputation, creditworthiness enhanced greatly.
  The technology is an enterprise brand very important factor, is the enterprise brand successful center of resistance. The enterprise provides the product and the service have contained how many high technology and new technologies, has applied how many advanced method, these direct plotting enterprise brand quality safeguard. The computer information management technology is the commercial aviation express service operation Nerve center. The company after having been established started the commercial aviation express computer integrated management information system construction in July, 1997, has realized information network link with various companies' between. The information technology network's establishment, caused the express item operation to realize has taken from the customer, to record the list, to ship out to sends and the customer finally receives and signs for the entire process the computer information management. At the same time, provided in the partial companies scanned the gun and the GPS vehicles satellite positioning system. And has built the commercial aviation express nation unification customer service telephone platform. In order to strengthen the information technology innovation, leads the company full scale development, started to the existing computer synthesis information management system's transformation promotion, will construct the more complete computer information technology management system management system. After the new computer information technology management system management system completes, will provide a higher quality service for the customer.
  The quality is enterprise's life, is builds the enterprise brand the safeguard. An enterprise must create the brand, must first guarantee the product the quality. Both are indispensable, supports mutually. In order to guarantee that the commercial aviation express brand the quality, provided more standardized, the standardized service for the customer, the company has carried out the ISO9000 quality authentication and the supervisory work in 2000. To original operation standard and quality control standard, has carried on the revision, the standard operation flow, has drawn up "ISO9000 Quality specification" and "Standardization Management handbook", to company's administration, the organization establishment, the service operation, the quality specification and so on has carried on the standard and the unification. And defers to "Handbook" the content, the standard service operation flow, establishes the foundation Taiwan account and so on, passed ISO9000 in July, 2001 domestic, the international quality authentication. Through carries out the ISO9000 quality authentication work, strengthened the management, the grade of service had further enhancement standardized, the customer service, the standardization, “the commercial aviation express brand” has provided the quality assurance for the making strong trend.
  At the same time, in the operation, the company according to some big customers the demand, provides a more personalized service for the customer, penetrates directly into the big customer allocation management, for the big customer making allocation plan, participates in the big customer to the goods allocation management, allocates and dispatches promptly the customer goods the land.
  The physical distribution takes one emerging industry, is following our country national economy fast development, has presented the very fierce development momentum, some physical distribution organization, establishes for the recent two years in like the mushroom growth in the motherland. Thought generally: The physical distribution industry is China's sunrise industry, has the very big development opportunities and the vitality. Therefore, favors the logistics generally the development. Joins World Trade Organization's stipulation according to our country, our country serves the domain foreign to let loose comprehensively, domestic express, the physical distribution industry will face the even more keen competition aspect. In this case, must speed up the development, expands oneself, dares facing the competition, further enhances the competitive power. Therefore, the company has worked out the strategy development project, will defer to the plan the deployment, in the organization construction, the market and the product development, aspects and so on brand management increases the innovation dynamics, makes the Chinese commercial aviation express international brand diligently, turns toward the construction domestic first-class and international large-scale express, the physical distribution Specialized company makes great strides forward.