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We provide on time delivery, full customs clearance and home service available. Numbers of delivery routes are around over 10 countries all over the word. Normally it only takes 2 to 3 days to deliver the package. Most of package will be arrived at the specific city next day.

We provide agency service that enables you to decide the specific customs clearance agent to handle all the procedures after the goods are arrived at the airport. And then we take over to deliver those to the final destination in the domestic land.

CAE provides the service that the goods from all over the world can be transferred to China from the bonded area located in Taiwan or Hong Kong. It is faster and tax free (no need of business tax/ customs duties) while the package is transferred from Taiwan.

CAE specialist will arrange the shipment after contacting with CAE and then filling out simple shipping packing list. CAE has a standardized procedure for goods including receiving, scaling, confirming packing, numbering and delivering that ensures shipment delivered to the specific place safety.

A standardized procedure to declare exportation is designed for business in Jinmen Island. CAE provides customers with official export declaration document to cancel accounts and obtain a tax refund. It alleviates customer’s shipping loading. CAE also can provide customers with G5, G3 and B9 declaration document which avoids concern about being cancelled accounts or tax refund problem.

CAE provides a faster, more convenient and cost effective service with the expense of sea transportation but efficiency of air freight. Take Fujian as example. It only takes 3~4 days to delivery goods.

Since China now opens up several kinds of tax free fruits such as pineapple, litchi, papaya, mango, guava, peach, plum, orange, lemon, water melon, wax apple, dragon fruit and so on, CAE has applied duty-exempt imports and clearance of goods at customs for each type of fruit product. Goods is collected in every Tuesday and Friday and shipped in every Wednesday and Saturday. Fast entry service can be applied for in advance if providing trademark card, supply card or sample.